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At SigmaPro, it’s all about people. People working together to provide solutions to day-to-day problems that then translate into better designed products and faster design-to-market times.

Our competitive advantage

5 simple things that makes us different


Machines and technology can all produce great things, but bottom line these 2 would not be possible without people. At SigmaPro, we believe in putting people first- our clients and our teams.


Flexibility to us means to have a “yes we can” attitude. We go the extra mile for our clients every time. And that propels innovation.


In an industry where automation is vital, SigmaPro’s streamlined processes deliver predictable results- every time.


In our industry, everything is part of a bigger system. For optimal performance, every part of a system must function properly and that is why precision is so important.


As an organization, SigmaPro believes in getting things done fast. It prevents a backlog of work and the chaos that ensues as a result.

We’d love to talk more about your challenges and how we can be part of your manufacturing team.