At SigmaPro, we put an emphasis on FAST, in everything. Here’s our ManiFASTo:

  1. When we perform our services FAST, it helps our customers be first to market, and gain market share. With all things equal, the effect of being FAST is huge.
  2. When we work FAST, we are always more flexible and adaptable. Change comes much easier, and we are less likely to become outdated.
  3. Getting done earlier than expected makes our customers appreciate & value us more.
  4. When working FAST, we have time to respond to problems, if they arise. We have time to re-do a failed task, without missing promised delivery dates.
  5.  Fast keeps our cost low, and our value high.
  1. When we work FAST, we prevent a backlog of work. This means less chaos & mistakes.
  2. The time each process takes is reduced, streamlining the whole….fewer moving parts.
  3. In FAST mode, the paperwork (record-keeping) is simplified, and less likely to have mistakes.
  4. When we work fast, each task can be done more thoroughly, with more focus, and without ‘competition’. More focus leads to higher levels of quality.
  5. In FAST mode, you get real-time data and information, which helps get tasks done right, the first time, and allows for better management.
  1. It is far less stressful to get any task out of the way quickly, rather than stare at it all day.
  2. You work more efficiently if you are working FAST, and it is more fun and fulfilling. There is a greater sense of satisfaction.
  3. Working FAST helps you avoid apathy, procrastination, & indecision which steal time.
  4. If you are not FAST, you are waiting, which causes others in the system to wait. As waiting compounds, it can drastically slow the entire system, and increase frustration.
  5. Working in FAST mode consistently, you have time to rest afterward. Your work can be done within more comfortable rhythms.
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