Product Development &
Part and Mold Design

SigmaPro’s engineering expertise
allows us to co-design
and co-develop products that meet our customer’s performance and tolerance requirements.

We offer a full suite of product design services and analysis

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Analysis

Let us work with you on your design, and optimize it for injection molding to hit your most challenging function, dimensional, volume, and efficiency targets.

Material Selection

Utilize our experience in engineering-grade thermoplastics to help you select the right material for your application to support your performance and cost goals.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

We utilize flow simulation software to identify problem areas in part design, and maximize efficiency of tool geometry and molding process parameters. By performing analysis in the virtual space prior to tooling, valuable time is saved bringing your part to realization.

Put our experience in tooling to work for you

We match your cost and volume requirements to the right tooling solution

Whether you need a prototype, bridge, or full-production tool, we have the in-house expertise and industry partners to efficiently and cost-effectively achieve your targets quickly.

Tool Design and Analysis

All tool designs are completely detailed in 3D, and animated where necessary, for full visualization. SigmaPro engineering fully scrutinizes all tool designs as an entire system to assure peak production efficiency before being released for fabrication.

Full-service project tracking

All tooling projects are established with firm dates, and closely managed with weekly status updates throughout the design, fabrication, and qualification phases to assure on-time completion and release.

Qualification and Launch

SigmaPro engineering manages thorough mechanical qualification of each tool prior to production release. Process are optimized to assure all efficiency and cost targets are met, and full dimensional analysis is provided to assure dimensional integrity. Throughout the qualification process, SigmaPro engineering keeps you informed every step of the way.

Let us help provide design solutions

Innovation is what we do

As holders of a number of US patents, our customers benefit from SigmaPro creativity. Let us help you with your projects utilizing a broad palette of manufacturing disciplines, including stamping, turning, extrusion, forming, and more.

Quality, designed-in

We design in the product quality right from the start

From product and tooling design, FAI analysis, production process control, to lot traceability, quality is never an afterthought at SigmaPro.

We’d love to talk more about your challenges and how we can be part of your manufacturing team.

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